Become a Better, Stronger You

About Me



  • BA Elementary Education/Sociology
  • MA Montessori Education
  • MA Curriculum & Instruction
  • Coach University: Core Essentials Training

Work History:

  • 29 years teaching in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Colorado
  • 8 years at Colorado Department of Education as Regional Coordinator and Manager
  • 10 years as Life Coach/Leadership Coach

Why does she love life coaching?

 She KNOWS coaching works. She has spent her entire life looking for ways to create her own best life. She has read. She has taken tons of classes. She has journaled for years. She has meditated. She has been in therapy. She has her own life coach to support her dreams. She can now use her wisdom to support others on their journey. She finds great joy in supporting her clients. It is thrilling to watch her clients reach their dreams. Her friends who know her well say that she has been preparing for this work her whole life. It is so true.