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What Would Your Father Say? 
Janice McDermott

What Would Your Father Say?

Janice's memoir leads her readers on a sometimes sad, often jubilant jaunt through her young years in a long-gone rural Iowa. Poverty, the death of her young father, and stints in an orphanage, a foster home and a convent all propel her to an adulthood where she finds peace -- with herself and with God. Janice's stories -- of smoking nuns, illicit fudge, wash day, sibling rivalry, learning to drive, secret viewing of White Christmas, working at Ray's Drive Inn, and searching for diamonds in the privy -- engage the adventuresome and the quirky sides of all of us. And they reveal why her mother so often declared her father would be "turning over in his grave" if he knew what they were doing! Readers will find hope, faith and trust in "a Power greater than we are" as they travel this journey with her. 


Resilient: My Life Story

Leaving her tattered faith on the convent doorstep, Sister Janice grabs her suitcase of unusable clothes and steps into her sister's car--and into her new life. It's the beginning of her jaunt through "the rest of her life."  

Navigating the totally foreign world that is now her life, Janice experiences the challenges, and the joys, of all that world offers--numerous ill-fitting jobs, world travel, raising a family, and so many other completely unexpected life events. 

Continuing the journey started in Janice's successful memoir, What Would Your Father Say?, her new memoir, Resilient, leads readers on a highly personal trek toward a life of normalcy and self-esteem. And the many surprises life threw her way that even Janice could have never imagined.

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