Life/Leadership Coaching

 Life coaching is a partnership between the  coach and  client to help the client (and the coach) achieve extraordinary results. (The coach is always the student.)  In both leadership and life coaching, the client chooses the focus. The coach listens, contributes, observes and questions. Through the coaching process the client learns to thinks bigger, opens up possibilities and takes action. In the end, coaching is about helping people stand stronger to create the work and life they have been dreaming about.  


Spiritual Coaching

 Spiritual Coaching has a definite focus on Universal Energy (some people say God) and, if we are willing to look closely, we can see that everything is always working out for our highest good. We are free to speak about this Universal Energy that is always available to us. We remember to ask and we shall receive. If we seek we will find and if we knock the door will always be open. No exceptions. 

How Does Coaching Work?


  • You commit to take time to look at your life.
  • Through twice monthly meetings in person or by phone you clarify what you want.
  • You set goals and take action.
  • You look at and remove hidden beliefs that drive self-limiting behavior.
  • You are held accountable to stay focused, positive and on track
  • You are always in control of the coaching process. You get to go as fast or slow as feels right for you. 
  • You email Janice at to say you are ready.