Author/Leadership & Life Coaching


What is Leadership Coaching?

  • It is confidential, ongoing, individualized professional growth. 
  • The coach provides support, encouragement, guidance and reinforcement. 
  • The coach provides structure and accountability. 
  • The coach believes each person is an expert in his own life and clients have the resources and creativity to create their own solutions. 
  • The coach focuses on the present to create the best outcomes.
  • The coach listens openly and actively.
  • The coach asks powerful questions that create a new level of clarity.
  • The coach reflects back to you what you have said.
  • The coach offers different perspectives. 
  • The coach shows you specific methods for increasing your effectiveness.

How does leadership Coaching work?

  • Clients meet with their coach twice a month for one hour by phone.
  • Clients set the agenda or topic for discussion for each session.
  • Clients are willing to stretch beyond their current comfort zone.
  • Clients call for their session on time.
  • Clients provide 24-hour notice to cancel a session.
  • Clients set personal and professional goals focused on the leaders’ specific challenges and then take daily action to achieve those goals. 
  • Clients approach challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Clients are open to new ideas and perspectives.
  • Clients show up physically and mentally prepared for each session.
  • Clients use coaching techniques to impact colleagues, board members and staff.
  • The district is billed quarterly.
  • Superintendents write leadership coaching into their contract with the district