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"I worked with Janice for 3 months. In our time together, she helped me to strip away some of the self-imposed “complication” and be honest about what was truly important and what was fluff. We prioritized what was left and charted a course to resolution for each true goal. I particularly appreciated the exercises to clarify what it is that I wanted versus what I thought I wanted, and what it would take to get there…with periodic reassessment of whether it still had value to me. This helped create real clarity about the priorities and goals in my life! Thank you, Janice!"

Central Office Administrator

"Coaching has been the most positive experience. It has given me a breath of fresh air. I believe everyone who is in a position to make decisions could benefit from coaching. I have practical tools to help me live each day better. I am a better person and a better professional."

“Life coaching has been an enormous help to me. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day chaos and lose focus on being the best person possible. This process has enabled me to take time out to reflect and consider my options, recalibrate my goals and try out new approaches. And through it all, my life coach has been a cheerleader and a task master. She promised me that I already had the answers...and I'm actually beginning to believe that she was absolutely right.”

“I have benefited greatly from the life coaching of Janice McDermott. I do not need a therapist but a coach who helps me think through ways of accomplishing my goals and holds me accountable for positive imaging and action for my goals.”
Web Designer

“Janice McDermott is my Business Coach. I have had a business coach once before but it was not a successful experience. This has been a new experience for me. I have found the experience to be wonderful. To be more specific I have found that the business coach experience has helped me to move from "being stuck" to starting to move concerning professional endeavors. For example, I needed to apply for teacher and administrator state licensure and I kept running into snags so my licensure was not renewed. I was frustrated. When I started to work with my business coach, Janice, suddenly I had my licensure so I could apply for jobs. This personal coaching experience has also made me aware of how much I am doing and accomplishing even when I am so sad and overwhelmed by all the rejection letters, etc. Janice has been so attentive and loving to me personally. She is always dependable and focused totally on me in this process. There has never been a time that I did not feel totally "taken care of". She is helping me to keep focused and be goal-oriented. She keeps me working toward completion of tasks in a way that I do not feel overwhelmed. I look forward to every visit and feel proud to tell her what I have accomplished. I would recommend her without question!"
Business Owner

Many thanks and hugs to you. I really appreciate what you are offering to this world. You are great. Thank you for your guidance, observations, thoughts and kindness. You are such a wonderful support in my life.”

“My life coaching experience has changed my outlook and given me incentives to go forward with my dreams rather than just thinking about it; I am now acting on it.”
State Legislator

"In the life of an educator there are so many decisions that need to be worked out. Personal issues can often cloud a person's ability to be effective at work. It has helped me so much to have the confidentiality of a life coach to support me, to help me sort out my life and to take the actions that make the most sense. Janice has really helped me define both my professional and my personal life. In a short time, both my personal and professional growth has happened at a rate that is much higher than it has been in the past ten years. Building a plan of action has provided me with the day-to-day excitement of my work and has enabled me to stay deeply engaged."

“Janice, I wanted to thank you for pushing me forward and helping me to see that I am the only one standing in my way. I have learned many lessons in my journey with you. Without your continual prodding to turn in my dissertation for review for the AERA award, I never would have recognized that I am more capable then I let myself believe. However silly it may seem, my negative self-talk was chattering away in my head creating unfounded fear. Winning the award helped me to see that I am creating my own barriers to my success and happiness. So many doors have opened for me since that time. Those doors would have remained closed had you not continually encourage me to address my fears. I can see both the emotional and physical change in myself as I work toward my goals. Understanding may be difficult but I am seeing the change is not impossible. Thank you for your encouragement, support, and continuing belief in my abilities. Where there once was darkness, a new day is dawning. You are the best!”
District Assessment Coordinator

"I loved our conversation today, your observations are always so keen, your support and encouragement are great gifts. Thank you."

"Thank you for the guidance, support, proding and encouragement you have given me this year. You have challenged me to step up in ways I've always wanted to and you've held me accountable to my own dreams. Thank you. Thank you."

"Thank you, Janice. It has been a gift to work with you over these three months. You are a very skilled and caring coach. Thank you for bringing me through to a better place and helping me see myself and my life circumstance through a new lens. I know my work isn't done, and I know it never will be. I do think of myself as a life long learner. Thank you for understanding that I need some time alone to reflect on what I've learned over the last months."
District Professional Development Director

"In reflecting about last year, I would not have been able to accomplish all that I did without you and your support. You really helped me to clarify what needed to be done, and also supported me in doing it, which helped build my confidence. I remember you saying that I needed to pray people up and out. I was able to accomplish this with all but one teacher. I am proud of what I accomplished and look forward to this school year and all that I will be able to do with my staff to educate students."
High school principal

" Janice has been my life coachi for nearly a year. During that time she has helped me grow both spiritually, professionally and personally. She has given me the strength to try new things and has guided me into becoming a better leader in my position. She is an inspiration and a positive light in my life. Working with Janice has positively impacted the way I look at my life daily. She has changed my life."
CFO of a Company

"I loved our sessions last year. It seemed that a meeting with you always came up at just the right time, and they were always clarifying, grounding and helpful to me as I looked forward to the next steps or decisions. I loved that you listened, and let the course of the session be guided by me, but that you were also an active participant…I didn't ever feel the awkwardness of being asked endless questions, or the frustration of not being able to talk/process enough on my own. You found the perfect balance each time to meet my needs, to propel me forward in a few key areas, and to keep me focused and energized. My hope for this year is that I continue to have the opportunity to meet with you every other week, and that we stay focused, together on the aspects of my work that will make student achievement the "main thing"… "
Elementary Principal

"Thanks for meeting me today. I always reflect on the meeting and what we discuss, sometimes I think about it for several days before I make meaning of it all:) I do feel that changing the focus to working smarter not harder when looking at our writing plans will help. By using what they have already done (smarter) and expanding on that. Asking the questions instead of giving them the answers. . . backing up what we are doing with data and research. I love meeting with you and pushing myself (with your questioning) to a higher level of understanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"… "
Elementary Principal